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When Wildfire Strikes

Even with defensible space, fires are still dangerous. When a wildfire occurs near you, be prepared to evacuate.

  • Gather important and irreplaceable photos, documents, and heirlooms and put them in your car.
  • Gather pets and put them in your car, too.
  • Park your car facing out of the garage or in the direction you will be leaving.
  • Put flammable deck or patio furniture inside; move all flammable furniture away from windows.
  • Close all windows, doors, vents, blinds, and non-flammable window coverings.
  • If possible shut off all gas or propane utilities.
  • Leave a porch or outside light on.
  • Listen to local TV or radio for evacuation news. Local authorities may also notify you by driving through your neighborhood with loudspeakers.
  • Leave when asked to do so.