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Apparatus & Ambulance

View our apparatus below, including:

  • Engine 5680, 5685, and 5660
  • Rescue 5630
  • Medic 576 
  • Rescue Boat 5644


Fire-EMS Ambulance

May contain: van, transportation, vehicle, truck, and fire truck
Medic 576

The Russian River Fire Protection District has been providing an Advanced Life Support transport ambulance service for approximately 181 square miles of northwestern Sonoma County since 1980.  Originally formed as a joint venture between Community Hospital and the Fire District, it was taken over fully by the Fire District in 1981.  The Russian River Fire Protection District was the first Fire Department to hire Paramedics and begin Advanced Life Support transport in Sonoma County. 
Fees that are charged for service help to keep the ambulance staffed and equipped with the life-saving equipment needed to perform its function.  If you have any questions regarding our ambulance service or billing please Contact Us.